Design Time

August 27, 2019

I have a client who got a full sleeve from me earlier this year, and he’s ready to start another one. He gives me ideas and then just lets me draw whatever I want. One of the worst things going into a tattoo with a client is not having the artwork prepared and approved. So the last few days I’ve been drawing a lot.

This last one wasn’t what he was going for, but I sent it to another client who likes this style, and he wants to work it into a his new tattoo.

I thought this pair of tattoos turned out really cute.

I got a design drawn up for a potential client who is a firefighter. He likes it and might be scheduling soon.

Firefighter tattoo

If you follow my blog, you’ll remember this tattoo from a few months back. I got an email from a firefighter in North Carolina who wanted to buy the line work so he could have a tattoo artist do a similar tattoo for him.

I had to decline the offer, explaining that the artwork was created specifically for my client. I suggested he ask his artist to do what I did and create the art from the firefighter’s actual gear.

This is not a tattoo – this is just a design that I drew over the top of a photo so the client could decide if he liked how it looks (which he did). Now I have to design the inside of the arm.

I got started on the gargoyle fixup/redo. After 3.5 hours my back was hurting so I called it a day. He’ll be back in a couple weeks.

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