Tats and Rescues

February 4, 2020

I started work on this really cool art piece by the artist Olivia. My client was leaving after her session and realized she had locked her keys in her vehicle. I drove her to get her spare set, and upon returning she learned that her spare set did not have the microchip in the key. She could not unlock her vehicle. She was stuck.

On a whim I tried my own key on her door. What are the odds that my Jeep key would open her Chevy van? I’m still baffled by that one but super glad I could help her out.

This bizarre looking creature is a Male sage hen. I guess during mating season they inflate their chests and look all freaky to attract a female.

I added a waterfall and a steer skull to the wildlife sleeve. He had to leave early to go deal with his butcher shop, so next time I’m hoping to get the ram finished and some more background put in.

This poor broke guy could only afford an hour so I got a little bit more work done on his full sleeve.

I don’t normally talk bad about other tattoo work, but what the heck? This itty bitty flaming strawberry thing on her wrist was so incredibly scarred that I just can’t keep my mouth shut about it. I covered it up with what she had originally wanted – a sacred heart. Going back over that scar tissue was excruciating for her.

The Japanese-style sleeve with multiple coverups is close to being finished. I think we are going to try and finish it in the next session, then I’m hoping for a cleanup session to tidy it all up if I can’t get it all.

A couple that I do work on had a new baby, so I added her footprints to dad’s rib cage.

I got some more camouflaged futuristic armor plating added to this unique sleeve.

The military-themed sleeve I’ve been working on got a B-29 bomber added to the inside…well started at least. He didn’t last long. We might need quite a few sessions to finish this one.

I added a new demon to the demon-themed sleeve.

If you remember the lion-family chest/half-sleeve piece, he has since decided to turn it into a full sleeve. I added an owl on one side and this wolf to the other. One more session and he should be done.

Almost done with this Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve.

And lastly I added a dove and a rose to a new sleeve that will need some integration into some previous tattoo work.

My tattoo practice app had a really good month in sales. I have a guy in Germany who emails me a lot with questions. And one that has come up by other people as well is that they don’t think my app can simulate grey wash. I hope this screenshot of Some art I did on my app proves that grey wash can be simulated. It’s all in the hand technique.

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