Back at it

February 8, 2021

TattApp is back in the App Store. I had to do some major revisions to improve performance which unfortunately killed a few old features. I looked into hiring a dedicated developer but it is not feasible at this time.

I found a little time to start a new oil painting but have been unable to take it any further as tattoos still dominate my life.

Here’s a traditional style Harry Potter tattoo I did on a former student and repeat client.

The ongoing Nevada gambling half-sleeve is close to finished

My son left home 3 weeks ago and drove across country to Oak Island, North Carolina to live. It’s a weird experience. I brought him home from the hospital 19 years ago and he’s always been with me. I’m excited for him to start his new life. But now it’s just me and our dog Lenny.

I finished up the Viking-themed sleeve and was quite happy with how it turned out.

I started a Dustin Hoffman color portrait from the movie “Hook” on one of my repeat clients who is getting his entire lower leg done in color portraits.

I have a full color full leg sleeve in progress using the client’s favorite music albums. This is the same client who got the horror movie themed leg sleeve.

Here’s a nice forearm sleeve in progress with a patriotic theme

Here’s a koi fish

I’ve got a huge coverup tattoo in progress. I’m trying to cover a bunch of old tattoos with a Hawaiian-themed full sleeve

Here’s a colorful custom phoenix tattoo that involved a lot of back and forth between me and the client before she was happy with the design.

I did a female version of the “God of War” video game character

Aside from the tattoos, I have been teaching the online courses for the Master Tattoo Institute. I’m up to 3 classes a week and have also been creating video course work with animations, demonstrations, and in-depth explanations.

Quite a few years ago I kept a blog on my art endeavors as I tried to start a little art business called Elysian Realm. I have since abandoned it, but I kept all my web files. The site doesn’t work quite right but the blog is still intact here:

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