23 Years

March 13, 2020

I finished this cool lion tattoo on a repeat client’s thigh in two sessions, roughly 5.5 hours total.

I got most of the inner arm finished on this military-themed sleeve. I still have the back of the tricep to do before we can call this sleeve complete. Hopefully one more session.

I finished up this forearm piece on an old friend who did some mechanic work for me that I owe him for.

It’s not often I do full freehand work, but this guy lets me since he’s been getting tattooed by me for 23 years. We had a big area to fill and I just started drawing something to fit.

His wife added a new fish to her underwater leg sleeve. However the inner thigh near the knee was overly sensitive for her and we didn’t finish.

Since I had freehanded the banner underneath the clock in our last session, it took many tries to get the lettering lined up just right. But I finally got it and was able to ink the letters and add texture cracks to the clock and shading to the flourishes.

I started work on a new partial outer sleeve that was fun to work on.

Earlier today I started this forearm piece which will tie in to work I did on his upper arm a few months ago.

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