Carrying On

May 25, 2023

I really loved this floral tattoo. I kept it soft and pretty, using flowers that were specific to members of my client’s family.

How about a little frog in cowboy boots and a rope?

Who does this to a teddy bear?

This was a 4-hour session of a Christian-themed design.

One of my repeat clients got portraits of his two daughters.

I continued work on the Japanese-themed sleeve by adding a crane to his forearm.

The Halloween movie-themed sleeve continued with the addition of the doctor.

Here is the sleeve’s progress so far.

The inside of the arm has an older tattoo that needs covering. I started with a 3-hour session that got most of it covered. Hopefully the next session will finish the area.

The Banksy sleeve continued with the addition of the iconic red heart balloon girl.

Here’s another creepy design filling up the inside of a forearm.

On the outside of the forearm I added a sinister skull castle.

And to add to the scary-themed tattoos in this month’s blog post, here is a werewolf.

I also started an apocalypse sleeve with a couple skeletal riders.

Mountains, pine tree branches, a pine cone, and the client’s black dog – all symbols of what she loves – in a style that matches her other tattoos.

Here is a floral jellyfish piece.

This is an old Philadelphia flintlock rifle in an old book illustration style.

And I will end this post with a very cute whimsical cowgirl riding a jackalope.

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