Museums and Tattoos

October 27, 2023

The director of our local museum asked me to paint his old leather jacket. I was able to complete it in a day. He loved it.

Speaking of the museum, last year I was asked by the city to paint a utility box that is located at the museum. This is the front side.

And this is the rear side in progress. It’s starting to get cold as we head into winter and I’m not sure when I will be able to complete it.

I was also asked to create a softball mascot for the Winnemucca high school (located about 2 hours from my home town of Fallon).

Nice simple mountains with watercolor sky

My TOPGUN fighter pilot client got a tattoo dedicated to his family.

A local high school senior got her first tattoo of a design that she drew herself.

How about a scary bear?

Here’s a style you don’t see me do often.

Check out this behemoth of a tattoo!

Here’s another style I don’t do often, but I think it’s cute!

I finished this Native American leg sleeve a while ago, but the inner upper region was just too obviously blank, so my client had me add a golden eagle.

I will finish this post with a Banksy-themed arm sleeve. Thanks for visiting!

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