Cody Deegan – Tattoo Artist

I’ve been drawing since I was a small child. By high school my skills had developed to a level that helped me gain acceptance into the prestigious CALARTS college where I studied live-action film production and character animation in Southern California. After college I worked in an art supply store and airbrushed motorcycles. Then I participated in a tattoo apprenticeship where I began learning to transfer my art skills to skin. And since then I have only wanted to get better at it.

2019 was the start of my 22nd year as a tattoo artist. I turned my back on the typical tattoo shop business model and decided to operate my own custom, private, appointment-only tattoo establishment. I started Underground Tattoo in 2012 and have been working diligently to create a safe, comfortable, and high-quality experience for all my clientele. I like to work in realism and illustrative styles in both color and black and gray.

In 2018 I developed a tattoo practice app called TattApp for the iPad Pro and Apple pencil to help simulate creating art with needles. I use it to help me prepare for difficult tattoos and hope others will find it useful.

My only goals for the future are to continually improve my skills to be the best artist I can possibly be.