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Digital TATTOO simulator

I am a tattoo artist with some coding experience, so I felt I had a good idea of what would be beneficial in a Tattoo practice app.

I built TattApp because I wanted something to practice my blending techniques on. Fake skin is messy and hard to see what the needles are doing. I have built digital needle brushes for Photoshop and Procreate, but the one feature I could not implement with them was hand speed. The needle patterns need to be more spaced out the faster the hand moves. And the cycles per second of the machine need to be controlled to truly give a good learning experience to the user. So I made TattApp for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Simulating needle depth was a very important feature since whip-shading can only be achieved by varying the depth of the needles in the skin. This can be simulated on a pressure-sensitive device, and since I have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I chose to start development there. And I am very pleased with the results.

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I am only one person with limited skills, so progress with TattApp’s development has been slow. It still has some flaws that can probably only be worked out by a dedicated app development company with professional developers. Maybe one day TattApp will be acquired and taken to a much higher level. But for now it is the only app of its kind that I am aware of, and I can either make it available for people to practice on, or I can remove it from the world completely.

For now it will stay.

For an overview of TattApp’s features, check out my videos below.