Starting a Frazetta

In Tattoos
April 16, 2018

Today I had a session with a client I met almost 20 years ago. He lives in Elko which is 4-hours away so I wanted to get as much work done today as I could. I’ve been looking forward to working on his upper arm piece because it’s an iconic painting from my childhood featuring a character called the Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta. I got a good start on it. The skin was beating up pretty good and I decided to call it as we neared the 5-hour mark. I was using primarily a 9-mag needle cartridge with the occasional 9-round shader. I blocked in all the blacks first then went back for color. Next session I’ll probably do some line detailing to sharpen some edges and brush in the background with a large magnum. We’ll also be adding a dragon in the background. There’s a possibility I’ll be able to finish it completely in the next session.

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