Designs and reptiles

April 19, 2018

Today’s session was 3 and a half hours. Normally he goes longer but I was using small needles which really beat up the skin and slow down progress. It’s coming along, just very slowly. I started out with a small palette of colors which I mix together as needed while working. I put out a few more colors later on. Mixing colors can get tricky.

I spend a lot of time drawing up designs for people’s tattoos. I used to draw them all up on the Cintiq out in the shop, but now I use that for collaborating with clients and creating linework. I do most of my design work on the iPad sitting on my couch at home. My design work is always hit or miss. One of the designs I’m working on is based on a piece the client found but is being altered. I had a feeling my initial color scheme was not going to go over well – and it didn’t – but I sent it anyways because it’s a jumping-off point. The client will always tell me what colors they would prefer to see. And since I color everything on separate layers, it’s easy to change the colors and send a new copy for review.

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