Another reptile and coverup design

One of those tribal arm bands from the early 2000s came through the door in need of transformation. He wanted a lighthouse and a cardinal implemented in memory of his grandparents, and possibly a ship for his Navy service.  My first thought was to use the rolling flow of the tribal as crashing waves.  The design drew up quick and nice.  Hopefully the old ink will be aged enough to take some highlights.

Round four of the reptile sleeve took place a couple days ago. I got a three horned fellow put in place and some more done on the bearded guy. I think we’ve got close to 15 hours in so far. By comparison, the black and gray full sleeve I’m almost done with is clocking in at 17 hours total.

Yesterday I had a few consult appointments, and aside from those I spent most of the day making a new YouTube video about tattoo shading.  I used the new digital brushes and demonstrated the techniques in photoshop. I thought the video would probably be about 10 minutes long, but it ended up being 40 minutes! I wanted to cut it down more but I kind of felt all the silly things coming out of my mouth could be useful tips.


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