Forgetting Pics

June 10, 2018

The week has been very busy and I failed to take pictures of a couple tattoos. Two days ago I did the ‘skeleton hunter and dog in a boat’ tattoo. It took over 4 hours. I’ll be sure to get a pic when he comes back for a touch-up. And I forgot to get pics of yesterday’s tattoos.

I got an email from a former client who is an officer in the Navy. She is stationed in Guam and does a lot of scuba diving with her friends. She wanted a tank top design so they could all get matching shirts.  I drew this up for them:

I got a couple more designs drawn from my ‘never-ending list’ and am awaiting approval. Still lots more to go. Will I ever be caught up? One is a Phoenix bird which will be a coverup of some tribal, and the other is a watercolor-style elephant and turtle.


This morning I did a portrait tattoo of a lady’s grandparents on the back of her calf. They were small and difficult to do, but because there were two and her leg wasn’t very big, we had to go with that size. Any bigger and they would’ve wrapped too much. I used a soft edge 9mag for the majority of it along with a 3-liner for the mouth and eyes.


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