Staying Viable

September 5, 2019

I spent most of my day drawing up this cracked face design, which is based loosely on an existing tattoo that a client sent me as an idea for his sleeve. I’ve been drawing a lot lately, spending more time studying anatomy and faces, always trying to improve.

32 years ago was the last time I saw Erik Shelley before he moved away. We were good friends in 5th grade, both played trumpet in band (I was mediocre, he was phenomenal). Well he ventured from Spokane on a road trip to visit old friends and I was his first stop. We had fun catching up and sharing stories.

I had a new client recently who is originally from Hawaii. He creates turtles out of shells, dream catchers, masks, and all manner of cool crafts using animal bones, antlers, and gourds. He made a Makini helmet for me to hang in my shop for security and protection.

This is the turtle tattoo I designed and inked on him. He was super happy with it.

I wish I could get a good photo of my tattoos without the glare. I have the camera and lighting equipment to do it. Maybe I should set up a small photo area in the shop. Anyway, I busted out this cool Orca in two hours, adding to the underwater leg sleeve.

My young client from Tonopah came in for her second session to finish up the skull and roses on her thigh. She has aspirations of becoming a tattoo artist. I told her to draw draw draw!

Last year I started a sleeve on an old friend who needed an ex’s name covered up on his arm. He wanted a war theme for the sleeve, incorporating crosses of family members who had fought in wars. We started the coverup with a ravaged bell tower, then I added a Vietnam-era soldier kneeling before a cross.

I got started on a big eared bat perched on a skull for a former student of mine when I worked at a school. She’s working towards a full sleeve. I did the lotus flower quite a few months ago.

I started a new sleeve for a repeat client whom I finished a sleeve for a few months ago. We began with the design I drew last week and started covering up an old tattoo on his wrist. He’s the one I drew the cracked face design for.

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