Mythology and Fantasy

May 23, 2018

Yesterday I worked on the tattoo app for quite a while. I made it so you can layout all your colors first, then you can “dip” your needles in them to select what color you’re going to work with. If you “dip” into another color, it will blend the two colors. I also added a rinse cup so you can clean your needles and select a new unblended color.

New shirts came in!

I forced myself to take a break from the app development and work on tattoo designs. Client brought me a picture that a Hell’s Angel biker drew for client’s mom while the biker was in prison. The biker’s name was Sheepdog. My job is to redraw it into a good tattoo design. I spent a long time working up sketches. Hector the skeleton helped out a bit. I’m going to try and give it a Greek mythology feel. More to come.

I was up past 1am again last night working on the app. Today’s tattoo session started at 9am. I worked about 3 hours then had to go get my kid from school (only two days left til summer break). I really enjoy working on the Frazetta piece. And the iPad stand is working out well.

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