Tats and Drawings

June 12, 2019

I drew this recently just to practice using high contrast and work on my design skills. I found an old photo online that I used as reference of a woman who I think was Cindy Crawford.

I did an elk tattoo for a wilderness-themed forearm sleeve. Adding more next session.

Art by Cody Deegan

I spent 4-5 days drawing up this design of a Viking helmet skull and crow. The concept is borrowed from a tattoo the potential client found online, but the art is original.

Elephant and Sunflowers tattoo

I did this elephant tattoo on a former student who was in a video production class that I taught a few years ago. She came with her husband who was also a former student of mine. I somehow had forgot to put her appointment in my calendar so they showed up looking for me. Oops.

More work on the horror leg sleeve. I got a lot done in just over an hour.

I also got a lot done in an hour on this piece someone else started. This client’s skin is so sensitive that she hollers, winces, and screams the entire time. I think it actually forces me to work faster. Not a pleasant experience for either of us.

I did a quick simple ear tattoo. Those are always difficult. Holding onto the ear is tricky.

A bit more progress on the back piece someone else lined. He got a picture of me working in the mirror.

I started tying all the pieces together on this floral sleeve with some soft gray shading. I’m hoping it doesn’t heal too light, but I was hesitant to use darker shades, so we’ll see.

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