Years of Work

I’m guessing we’re two sessions away from finishing the horror movie leg tattoo. My technique changed a lot since we started it 7 years ago, but I think all the parts go together well.

I added another lily to the large rib and hip piece. There will be one more lily and then some swirly stems that will flow down over the hip.

More progress on the pirate ship sleeve. I finished up the sails and water line, then started working in some sky, which I mixed with four different colors.

Finished the angel and lady justice chest piece.

I thought this piece finished up nicely, especially since it started out as a coverup.

Many tattoo artists refuse to work on other artists’ tattoos. I always felt that people want what they want, and someone needs to help them out. I don’t take on every piece that comes my way, but this client had linework of an octopus and didn’t want to go back to whoever started it. So I spent two hours and finished it up for her.

This was an old faded tribal tattoo that needed to be turned into something more interesting.

More work on the wings with lots of new shading to hide the old ghost tattoo on the right side. I think it covered well. I’ll have to go back to the left side and shade more to balance them.

I did a little work on a graphic novel which has been highly neglected over the years. I sketched out four new pages.

One of my former clients who spent three and a half years letting me tattoo her back and arm booked five days in a row with me to begin work on a full outer leg tattoo. She’s visiting from Guam where she is currently stationed with the United States Navy. We started off her first day with a couple clown fish.

‘Tis the season for resuming work on neglected projects. Hector is a poseable anatomical study model I started building a few years ago. I ran into problems with his muscles ripping and had to take a break to figure out a new method. Well I have some new ideas and am back to work on him. I also needed a way to mount him to a stand and I didn’t want to redesign any of his parts. So I decided to pour resin in his pelvis cavity and set a small ball head tripod mount in it. We’ll see how sturdy it is once it cures in a couple days.

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