Prince Vlad and some Bands

July 16, 2018

Yesterday I worked on the ongoing horror movie leg sleeve for the guy who inadvertently got me into tattooing. We’ve moved up to his thigh which is going to have four stages of Gary Oldman’s character from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I chose to start with young Prince Vlad. Just over 3 hours of work and we decided to finish it up next time and start on the werewolf version.

Today was a returning 6’10” client who I started an upper half sleeve of his favorite bands last month.  This second session came in at 3.5 hours, and I decided to stop it when I noticed the skin starting to beat up on the inside. I think we can finish the entire tattoo in the next session. I worked with all the overhead lights in my shop off today. The heat here in northern Nevada this summer has been quite noticeable, and the idiot electrician who wired my shop put the lights and the outlets on the same circuit.  When the A/C is running on really hot days, it pops a breaker.

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