Tree and the Dealer

In Tattoos
August 4, 2018

My Elko couple (Spring Creek to be exact) had an early start to get to my shop at 9am this morning. And they brought me a delicious coffee from our local Telegraph coffee shop. Rather than spread their Fallon visit over two days, I had opted to get them both in today, and a long day it was. I got her tree done first, then he went and got us sushi from a great local restaurant called The Wok (he even got my kid some sushi).

Once refueled I got to work finishing up his “Death Dealer” tattoo. I expanded the clouds in the background to fill out his arm, and I added more detailing in the lower area. We still will probably need a touchup session to get everything looking solid and crisp, but for now I can call this one complete. The next time they come out I’m going to get some nice healed photos of it with my nice Canon DSLR camera.

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