Ills and a Pup

Loss of income this week due to a yucky cold. I had to cancel a few sessions. Adding to my woes is a puppy who disrupts my sleep at night every 2 hours. Despite these temporary annoyances, I have still managed to work on some tattoo designs and keep the business rolling. Here’s a hand tattoo design that the client approved and is ready for application:

And finally after 10 revisions, I think I have a winner with the Hansa design:

Before I came down ill I got in a short session on a Reno client’s back piece. He showed up with his two kids. Children are not allowed in tattoo shops – it’s actually a regulation enforced by the health department. Since he had driven all the way from Reno to get his tattoo worked on, I didn’t have the heart to send him away. After an hour I think the kids were driving him crazy, and his pain tolerance was showing some big needle fatigue. He vowed he’d never bring them again.

I also got in some time with the reptile sleeve. I mainly worked on the snake and some background fill. The area around the arm crease was swelling and bleeding with increasing intensity, so I stopped the session at two hours.

I bought a crossbow last year. Why? Well back in like 2010 I had a crossbow and took it on a couple camping trips. But after that it just sat unused, and I eventually sold it. Years have passed and I have always kind of regretted selling it. So last year I bought another one.

One day I was looking at it (I still haven’t fired it) and I noticed all the strings were resting on the top rail, making it impossible to fire a bolt accurately. I realized that the crossbow strings had been assembled incorrectly at the factory. Bummer.

I decided to try and fix it myself. The main issue is compressing the bow enough to get the strings off – and there’s a lot of tension on that bow. Normally you need a bow press, but they’re expensive, so I grabbed some scraps of wood left over from the puppy fence and assembled a horrible joke of a press. As awful as it turned out, I was able to restring the bow and return the crossbow to working order.

My mom gave me a bunch of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and my birthday, so I bought a bunch of floss, mouthwash, kitchen sponges, new track lights for the shop, a blanket, and this cool skull!

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