TattApp and Eternal

May 25, 2019

I finished with a client this morning and saw a call coming in from Detroit, Michigan. Now normally I don’t answer my cell phone, but I know what resides in Detroit: Eternal Tattoo Supply, the makers of my favorite tattoo inks. So I answered my phone.

For the past few days I’ve been working on TattApp. I wanted to replace the color pickers with actual tattoo ink colors because that’s how it works – I buy colors. I don’t make them. So I put in the entire line of Eternal Ink colors, got them working in the app, then realized I can’t just use a company’s logo and products without permission. So I emailed the company.

And that’s why I answered my phone. Tramp from Eternal Tattoo Supply was on the other line, and he liked my idea. He gave me permission and also offered to send me some of their products to try out. I was stoked.

I have some catch-up to do with pics. I got this Lion fish finished for the ongoing underwater leg piece.

I did a graywash skull behind an existing word tattoo. Might need to go over those letters with fresh black, but the skull should lighten a bit as it heals.

Then I did a coverup on a foot that went pretty good. Covered an old nasty frog with a cute turtle

I really like how this lily turned out that I started on a rib cage. It’s going to be a large piece when it’s done.

And then I did a Luna Moth, which I had never heard of. But it was cool looking.

I got some more shading done on the back piece that another artist had lined. There’s so much that needs fixing but it’s starting to take shape.

I’ve been working on a forearm Scottish-themed piece as well.

We’re almost done with the tool sleeve. I’m thinking one more session to tidy everything up.

And this is what I look like as a girl (via the SnapChat app)


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