Still Going

February 24, 2020

Here’s a bunch of new tattoos I’ve been working on since my last post. The creepy ice wolf was done on my son’s best friend.

I started this Hawaiian-flavored rattle snake on a frequent client.

I finished another reptile – this eye of Smaug turned out really cool.

And on his wife I did this custom Celtic raven.

Every once in awhile someone gets me to do some lettering. Not my strong suit, but this one came out good.

This was a young guy’s first tattoo.

Round two on this Olivia piece shows progress on the boots and gauntlets.

I started a new upper arm sleeve that will showcase gambling in Nevada. I clearly have an older tattoo to contend with.

Loving these exotic fish I keep adding to the underwater leg sleeve.

Military-themed sleeve guy is not enjoying getting the inside of his arm tattooed, but we’re slowly getting it through it.

This wolf tattoo is a coverup of an old faded dolphin tattoo. It’s not finished, probably needs another hour or so.

And this was a fun little quirky custom design.

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