New Adventures

September 11, 2020

The owners of the Master Tattoo Institute in Miami Beach, Florida found some of my YouTube videos where I was giving some tattoo instruction. They reached out to me and told me a little about their school which has been around since 2012. I hopped on a plane a few days later and went to go see this school.

Look at this practice skin that the resident art teacher did? She was practicing her tattoo skills with a tattoo machine on a sheet of silicone rubber. Amazing.

Miami Beach was really nice. Masks had to be worn everywhere and there was a 10pm curfew. There were not many people there. Walking down the street I noticed very few pedestrians. Lots of businesses had closed. The beaches were almost empty.

I worked on creating a female skeleton mannequin. After making her on the computer, I did some test drawings from her to see how well she was proportioned. The main difference from Hector is her rib cage and her pelvis. The company I use to 3D print had a new process that was half the price of the old process, so I tried it out and had all her parts printed. She came out very nice.

I ordered a new tattoo machine that is completely wireless. It took more getting used to than I thought it would, but I am really loving it.

I am making tattoo videos now for the Master Tattoo Institute. I am using my app as a visual teaching aid. I did this portrait on it.

And I did the same portrait with my new tattoo machine on practice skin.

Here are some tattoos I’ve been working on:

Lovely piece of artwork!

What a fun design!

Started a Valkyrie on a Viking-themed piece.

Finished Johnny Cash.

The underwater leg sleeve is really coming to life Now that I’ve started adding background.

I got to do some stippling.

Sketch idea for an upper arm piece.

It’s not often I do linework pieces. I still hate doing them.

This sunflower came out great but is hard to see because the colors are close to her skin tone. Luckily this was just her first session. I will add some blue around it to make it pop.

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