Covering Up

February 20, 2021

Coverups are tricky. Coverups can be tough. I don’t like to do coverups. They’re always risky, especially when someone wants an entire arm full of old tattoos covered up. I’m getting to a point in my tattoo career where I might choose to not do coverups anymore. However I will say that this Hawaiian-themed Pele goddess coverup has been a lot of fun. It’s not perfect by any means but I think it is proving to be successful.

Maybe one day I’ll get a decent photo of it without the light glaring off the moon.

And another coverup in progress is this giant dragon covering an old barbed wire arm band. I’m thinking maybe a claw will work to cover the ends that are poking out.

And speaking of dragons, one of my former clients flew in from Kansas City so he could get his sleeve finished that we started a few years ago.

I got a new upper arm piece designed up for a new client. We’re going to start this one in a couple days.

Other than that I’ve just been getting prepared for my online tattoo classes. I currently teach 3 a week – art, tattoo fundamentals, and black & gray realism. I’ve also been trying to get my son’s car shipped to him from Nevada to North Carolina, and I am just having a heck of a time getting any car shipping company to get a driver out here to pick up the car. I’ve contacted three so far. Very annoying.

Also I just submitted a revision for TattApp that introduces a needle depth calculator to help artists dial in how far out to have their needles. Apple rejected my app, saying that because it can only be used with an Apple Pencil, it violates their design guidelines (since it can’t be used by everyone). This happened to me before and I had to appeal the decision. So now I have to appeal it again.

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