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I made some time to get in a quick oil painting. My son moved to North Carolina in January, and one night while browsing for something to watch on TV, I saw a show that was set in North Carolina. And that’s the only reason I decided to watch it. The show was called ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’, and I loved it. So that’s why I made this painting.

I experienced being star-struck recently. I teach online classes through the Master Tattoo Institute, and I had a student who is a professional musician named Nori Bucci. Not only is she a phenomenal guitarist, but she is also an extraordinary pencil artist.

I have to mention her because after seeing how incredibly skilled she is in multiple mediums, it made me want to start working on my own musical studies. And since my son moved out, I have two empty rooms in my house. I decided to start turning them into recording rooms.

The smaller room I have turned into a control room. This is where all the recording and mixing will take place. I spent the last couple weeks getting it set up with lights and acoustic treatment. The larger room will be where musicians can perform. I plan to run wires under the floor to connect the two rooms to create a decent studio recording environment. I have been studying music mixing and mastering as well and hope to eventually be able to assist some bands in getting their music recorded.

I did this cool guy in my tattoo app as an exercise in preparation for the tattoo color realism class I will be teaching.

I got some work done on the music album themed tattoo leg sleeve.

That big Hawaiian themed coverup tattoo got a new Nene goose added to it.

Ran out of time on this rose. Cool color scheme.

These three clients were days apart and are all part of a large family that frequent my shop for tattoos, ranging in age from early twenties to late sixties.

It took two months and 6 transport companies to finally get a driver to show up and ship my son’s car out to North Carolina. Finally! Ugh!

Here’s a few more I did recently. The last one will have vines intertwining with gear mechanics around the arm.

My older sister came to town and got her first tattoo after going through a long unexpected divorce after 20+ years of marriage. Her ex single-handedly ruined them both financially, yet somehow she has to pay the idiot spousal support and get a life insurance policy so he can be the beneficiary.

Pinups are always fun to do. Especially custom original ones designed from scratch.

I got started on a shoulder wraparound piece. Unfortunately teaching classes for the Master Tattoo Institute has been consistently causing me to cut my sessions with clients short. So I have made the decision to teach for one more 6-week cycle and then stop teaching.

To finish up this long overdue post, here is a new leg sleeve in progress that I have been very excited to work on.

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