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September 5, 2022

I recently received an email from a woman named Jill Hoyer who teaches Permanent Makeup tattooing in California. She had been using my app, TattApp, and had made a review video about it. I watched her video and I thought it was great. I had never even considered that it could be useful for the Permanent Makeup industry. Here is her video:

I created some tattoo animations for her to maybe use in future videos – just to show my appreciation. Then she sent me a Neuma 4 tattoo machine to play around with. So that has been really cool.

It’s been awhile since I posted so let’s get some tattoo photos up:

Andrew got his leg finished. I think it took us right around a year, and we were both very happy with it.

I’ve almost got a full-color lower leg sleeve finished of the Rob Zombie movie characters. I should mention that it is also a coverup of some old gnarly tattoo work.

Here’s a quick little ‘on-the-spot’ coverup I did recently.

The mannequin didn’t last too long at the art center. She was scaring people as they walked by the room, so she now models Underground Tattoo merchandise in the shop.

I loved this milkweed and butterfly tattoo!

I had my first TOPGUN pilot in the chair the other day. He flies F-18s and F-5 fighter jets, so he got one of each tattooed on his ribcage.

His wife was a former client of mine as well. She had me tattoo a lot of elements that represented our small town, including some fighter jets.

Here’s the start of an owl on the inside of an arm.

Here’s some dark style flowers that should grab people’s attention.

How about some clocks with all the kids’ birth times?

I’m getting close to finishing up another full leg sleeve. This one is nature themed.

Here is the beginning of random motorcycle parts art underneath the skin.

I added the band Slayer to Jason’s heavy metal themed leg sleeve.

Here’s a cute little lion tattoo.

Some Art Stuff

Alright, now for some miscellaneous art stuff.

I created a new mannequin for artists that resembles the shape frames that we character artists tend to start with when drawing figures.

Oh yeah, I published a book recently on the same subject. It’s currently for sale at Barnes and Noble.

Let’s finish the news with a pic of my guitar collection. I love and play them all almost daily.

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