Floor and the Cranium

May 11, 2018

I hate when I fall behind on my blog. I finished up the day of the dead full sleeve a couple days ago. Yesterday I finished the Alaska half sleeve (wow her inside arm swelled up a ton!).  I didn’t take a picture, but I’ll post an older pic from a few months ago.

After that I worked on my floor. So years ago after I had the linoleum floor put in, I discovered that my older tattoo chairs were causing the floor to turn yellow. I was not happy. In my attempt to hide the yellow, I painted the floor with red paint. Since then it has been flaking off. So I got some checkerboard laminate flooring this week and am covering the entire tattoo area. Sadly though I was one case short. I went to order another case and the company had since doubled the price. Foo! I ordered a case anyway…and some trim so people don’t trip on it.


I have to get my water tested for the health department. I got the sample bottles today. I have to take the sample then drive to Reno to drop them off at the lab. Not sure yet when I’m going to do that.

I tattooed my orc-eared client’s head this morning. I had to steal a pic off his Instagram because I forgot to take one. I did take one of my afternoon client.

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