Shirts and Jesus

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May 14, 2018

After dropping my son off at school, I took water samples from my shop sink and then drove to Reno to give them to the lab for analysis. This should be the last item to complete for my health permit. I drove back to Fallon and worked on a Jesus design for a client who wants the arm to blend into his own arm so that his hand looks like Jesus’ hand. I’ve seen these types of tattoo designs before with people using Popeye and Street Fighter characters. As a tattoo artist, I can only try to create my own version and hope the client likes it. In my experiences, more often than not the client will want the art to be almost identical to what they found on the internet (which can be very discouraging). I took a chance today and designed my own version. I sent it to the client for review but have not heard back. (Below is my drawing and a picture found on the internet showing what the client wants)

The t-shirts arrived today. I’m not sure I should’ve posted the announcement on Facebook because soon after I had lots of people telling me what sizes they wanted. I spent some time deciding how I would keep track of inventory and settled on using my Elysian Realm business account. It is already set up to accept sales tax, and it can keep track of inventory.

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