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May 16, 2018

I forgot to take pictures of today’s tattoo session. I need to start remembering to do that. I’m using my new release forms now so getting started with a client is taking awhile. At the end of the session I am logging the lot numbers of all the needles and inks that I used on the client.

I heard back from the Jesus tattoo client today, and to my surprise the design was approved. Sweet! I love doing original work that I drew. I also drew up another design today for his wife and she liked it as well. It will be a watercolor style with an elephant and a turtle. So now I just have to color them both.

Before bed I went out to the shop to inventory because I knew I needed more needles. I ended up getting the bright idea to take my main light which was on a stand and attach it to a dental light pole on my ceiling. Why didn’t I ever think to do that before? Probably because I used to use that pole to attach a camera for when I would video my tattoo sessions for my YouTube channel. I don’t video any more because my headlamp makes it hard for the camera to see what I am doing. So I cut and spliced the power cable for the light and now I have less clutter in my tattoo area. Sweet!


I forgot to mention that yesterday I made a new tee shirt design to go on white shirts and I placed an order for them. I’m going to have so many shirts. I also ordered a clothing rack and hangers. I hope this will be a wise investment. I always have doubts. Maybe the designs suck. Maybe the price is too high. The only way for me to get the price down is to order huge quantities of shirts, and I’m in no position to do that right now. Plus I don’t think I could ever sell that many shirts.

I did sell two shirts to my client today. I think the next batch of shirts I will try the digital design option which has no limit on colors. I’m using the screen printing option right now so I am only using two colors. Digital printing will let me put highly detailed art on the shirts. I’m not sure how well they hold up over time but I want to try it.


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