Crest and Xion

June 23, 2018

I started a crest Tattoo the other evening on a guy whose family can claim lineage to William Wallace, the freedom-fighter made famous by the Mel Gibson movie “Braveheart”. The Tattoo is going to have a lot of color in it, but for this first session I wanted to get the values in place. It is also a coverup – some remnants of the old Tattoo can still be seen but will hopefully be hidden after the next session. I worked on this Tattoo for 6 hours. I’m hoping we can get it done in another 4 hours.

Yesterday was another coverup piece on a repeat client who had a gnarled tribal tattoo on her hip that needed to go. Now that I’m looking at it again I think I’m going to get her back in for a free touchup and add some more shape to the tail. We were two-and-a-half hours in and I did the tail last. I think I was trying to finish up quickly to save her some cash (I had told her it would take roughly 2 hours). I don’t like going over my estimates, and lately I’ve been doing that a lot. I need to estimate better.

The new Xion machine arrived along with a ton of new needle cartridges. I have been using the Cheyenne needle cartridges but I want to try the Hextats (mainly because the Cheyenne’s cost twice as much). I’ve been ordering needles weekly and it’s getting old. The Cheyenne needles only come in packs of 10 whilst the Hextats come in packs of 20.


And since the shop has been doing very well financially this year I decided to order a new thermal copier. The one I have was built in the 1970s, and even though it works decent, lately I’ve been running the scenario in my head of what if it stopped working? I really need a backup. I’ve had more modern thermal copiers in the past and they all were garbage – hence why I’ve stayed with the old 3M models. But it looks like these newer Brother S8 series printers are really super awesome. I’m really happy with how the shop has taken shape over the years.

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