Some Time Off

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October 18, 2018

I was supposed to go to Jarbidge yesterday but the guy I was going with forgot the days we agreed on and he ended up going there 3 days early. I wasn’t going to have a motel room and I would have had to drive an hour longer because he said I had to go in from the Idaho side.  I lost my enthusiasm for the trip real fast so I decided to stay home.  Plus I got a kid to take care of – I hate leaving him.

And I must say it has been great having some days off.  So far all I have been doing is making changes to TattApp. I implemented a ton of new features.  Today I contacted an old friend who lives in Las Vegas and asked if he’d design a look for the app to make it more eye-catching.  Him and I worked together for years in advertising – he designed and I built. I don’t know how busy he is but I hope he can help me out.  I’m an artist, not a graphic designer.

I did start working on a new tattoo design for a guy a few days ago, a pirate ship. But I am honestly avoiding tattoo-related work while I have some free days.

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