Feathers and Scams

April 30, 2019

A client wanted an eagle and a clock added to a flag tattoo he already had on his leg. He and his wife have a dog who is the sister of my dog. I spent just over two hours on this black and gray piece. His wife is also a client, and she originally didn’t think adding color to the eagle would look good, but in the end I think it was a good idea by the husband.

A friend of mine has a car that has served her well for many years, but it is dying quickly and she is in dire need of a vehicle. I found one that looked decent on Craigslist, but it was in Reno. So we found some time to drive an hour and a half to look at it. The lady selling it said the mileage was under 100k even though the odometer readout wasn’t working. It was a 2002 Buick Century. We gave the lady $2100 in cash, and she gave us the key and a title.

Now we couldn’t drive it back to Fallon legally because it wasn’t insured or registered. So the next day – because my friend was working – I finished my tattoo session and then got the car put on my insurance, then waited in the DMV to get a moving permit. After a long wait, it was my turn, and soon I was informed that the title was not valid.

I got a hold of the lady and she knew nothing about the title problem. I asked for the money back and she said she had already spent it and that she had done nothing wrong.

So now I have to file a police report with the Reno police department. I didn’t know the lady’s address because she met us. But we remembered there was a magazine in the car, so tonight I drove back to Reno at 10pm to get the magazine. In the morning I will go to the DMV and see if they can give me a letter stating that the title is no good, then I will go back to Reno with all the texts, the address, the title, the letter, and file a criminal fraud report. I hope we can get that money back. I feel awful because it was all my idea, and now my friend is out a car and her cash she’d been saving.

One of my Elko client’s landed a weekend appointment with me because I had a cancellation. She wanted an angel wing wrapping around her forearm next to a skull tattoo that I did for her last year.

And I’m still working on that dragon and cross. I always forget how time-consuming dragons are.

I got started with the shading on a piece that someone else started. The design is very poor, and the lines are extremely deep and thick. All I was able to do for this first round was put in some black shadowing and also hide some of the ridiculous design scribbles with some feathers in the wings. I have faith that this piece will look very nice when it is finished. Fun trivia fact – there’s a creepy ghost tattoo that’s being covered on the right side wing. I did that tattoo on him back in 1997 when I was first learning how to tattoo.

We’re so almost done with one of the pirate ships. We cut the session a little short because his lady came to town to look at a house with him that is just down the street. In fact the house belongs to one of my other clients, and I facilitated the meeting. I wonder if they’ll buy it? They seem like they’d be super cool neighbors.

This morning I started a lion fish on the big underwater leg sleeve. I only used a liner needle and a round shader needle, and after an hour and a half she was really annoyed with that needle. So this is all we got done today. She had to pick me up from the tire place before her appointment (I took the blazer in that I’ve been doing repairs on for an alignment) and take me to the tattoo shop for her session, then she had to take me back afterwards so I could get the vehicle. She also texted me later to remind me to order more tattoo ink. She’s a good client.

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