Feeling Better

October 6, 2019

I used Hector to help me create a new tattoo design for a client who I met when she was 6 years old. I was painting a huge Disney mural in her parent’s house. It was my first art job after college and I think I made about $4 per hour. Anyway this mermaid’s face came out way too excited so I’m going to keep working on it.

One of my Elko clients booked three days in a row with me. Day one consisted of three tattoos – writing down her spine, flowers on her neck, and a big pair of lips on her butt. Day two was a ram skull on her thigh. And day three was adding flowers to her forearm.

Continuing on reworking old tattoos, my client opted to change course and cover with new elements. So I added some more skulls and now I need to figure out how to hide the rest of the old tattoo.

I added some soldier silhouettes and grave stones to the war memorial sleeve.

I made more progress on the gargoyle fix-up. I think I will finish it in the next session.

I got a lot of new background elements added to the koi coverup sleeve. It’s finally starting to look like a Japanese-style tattoo.

Today was a nice break from the many long sessions I put in this week. I did a simple Harry Potter tattoo.

The client getting the koi fish coverup has a daughter who just turned 18 and wants to get her first tattoo. She wants four cats from four different anime cartoons running around her ankle. So I got it drawn for her.

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