Closed Awhile

July 27, 2020

Two-and-a-half months I was closed due to the pandemic. Luckily I had some cash stashed to keep all my bills paid during that time (and some help from my mom). It was a nice break from work. I kept myself occupied with all sorts of projects.

I had started an animated movie back in 2014 and soon realized I was in over my head. The amount of time needed to complete it was completely unattainable. With so much free time now I resumed work on it and got a lot of new rough scenes added.

I also got finished installing a fence around my property.

My son graduated high school

And since I had a fence with privacy I built a sweat lodge.

I spent some time practicing oil painting too!

This one is still in progress.

I created new skeleton parts so I could have a female version of my poseable anatomy figure 3D printed. If you remember Hector – my male model – he cost around $1000 to have made. It’s been a couple years and the company that I have do the 3D printing has introduced a new process that is about half the price as the old process. So I’m having the new female version printed.

A former client asked me to go up in the mountains a few hours away and do a photo shoot with his wife’s daughter who was in town visiting from the Chicago area. That was a lot of fun.

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