I went to North Carolina to visit my son. He moved there 4 months ago and I can see why he would rather be there instead of Nevada. His friend Zach and his family think he’s great. They live less than a mile from the ocean. It’s green everywhere you look. And the vibe feels very laid back.

Lenny got to go to the dog sitter for a week and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed that a lot.

His doggy daycare lady loaned him a kennel for his stay at the sitter.

My son has been showing some interest in drawing comics so I drew up a comic page one day and made a couple videos on my process to try and help him out.

I spent some time cleaning up my old guitar setup that’s been collecting dust over the years. I spent 4 hours just changing the strings and getting everything on it set up just perfect. I’ve been practicing my scales and getting my fingers toughened up.

Getting back to work after a vacation is always tough for me. Here are a few tattoos I’ve done recently. The floral one is still in progress, and so is the Native girl and wolf. Many tattoo artists will turn their tattoo photos black and white to hide the redness of a fresh tattoo so that it looks more eye-catching. I’ve never been one to doctor my photos but I must admit that seeing the photo black and white does look pretty cool.

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