Tattoos and Sleep

October 4, 2021

The time just goes, doesn’t it? I didn’t realize it had been over two months since my last post. I haven’t been feeling so great for quite some time. My sleep patterns have become erratic. I have changed my eating habits and take my dog for walks every evening, and I want to say I have been feeling better. But I still sleep a lot.

I recently finished this cool Friday the 13th tattoo of Jason Voorhees just in time for her to go meet the actor who played him. She’s headed to Vegas in a few days and I hope she gets a cool picture of him with her tattoo!

Andrew is taking a break from his leg tattoo for a little bit. He went hard at it for awhile. Tattoos are a huge investment of time and money, not to mention they wear you out after each session. So taking a break is always good with these huge pieces.

I had an urge to start a sculpture the other night, which is not something I usually do. I used one of my skeletons to help me with the proportions. I hope I finish it. Sometimes the motivation to sculpt leaves rather quickly after I start.

I was tattooing on a client one day when the power in the shop went out. Since I now use a battery-powered tattoo machine and a pair of eye loupe glasses with a battery-powered light on them, I just kept right on tattooing. Turns out the entire town of Fallon had lost power. I think it was out for 2 hours.

The celebrity color portrait lower leg tattoo is almost finished. I’m just doing touch ups and filling in the spaces. Can’t wait to get some decent photos.

I took a picture with my phone of the sun behind our smoky skies from the California fires. Lake Tahoe, which is 90 miles away, had just been evacuated.

Kristina had another session on her full leg sleeve.

I haven’t been taking many new clients, but every once in awhile I slip one in. Here was a retired Navy medic.

I had to redesign a decal for our local community dive rescue team vehicle.

I’ve probably posted pics of this lion many times before, but I still love taking photos of it every time he comes in for another session.

Working on a space-themed sleeve.

How ‘bout some creepy snakes on a neck?

I try to avoid coverups these days, but every once in a while I’ll take one on. I forgot to grab a before photo, but she had an old tribal design on her arm that I was able to easily cover with a bird nest.

Brandon’s forearm tattoo of clocks, gears, and vines is almost done.

Using a large flower motif to help hide a small old tattoo.

I’m also close to finishing this police-themed forearm tattoo.

Here’s a big family crest tattoo on a young man who used to be in my son’s karate class when he was younger.

Here’s a big rat-rod style tattoo.

I found a good deal on a used Gretsch guitar that I just couldn’t pass up. Been playing it almost every night.

And lastly, I got the urge to make a new tattoo-related video on my YouTube channel. I spent 3 or 4 days working on it. My channel kind of died after I started working for the tattoo school last year. They had asked me to take down my tattoo videos so as not to be in conflict with the school curriculum, which is completely understandable. So I thought I’d take another stab at building an audience. I’ve had my YouTube channel for 8 years I think and I’ve yet to make any money, but I still like to make videos every once in awhile.

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