First Timers

July 20, 2019

We had six hours planned for this young lady’s first tattoo session, and she was determined to sit until the end. But after four hours she decided she was done. I grew up with her dad, and they traveled from the town of Tonopah four hours away so she could get her first tattoo from me.

In my spare time and when it’s not almost 100 degrees outside I’ve been slowly putting up a new fence. I park my Jeep at the end and attach a puller to stretch the fabric.

This repeat client asked me back in December to add a hummingbird, butterfly, and dragonfly to a piece I did last year. 7 months later I finally got it done. I’m surprised she still wanted to come to me after making her wait so long. I tend to let little tattoos slip through the cracks in favor of doing larger pieces.

I got the coverup finished for the tribute tattoo to the client’s dad. I put in lots of new colors in the background to help offset all the browns in the foreground.

I did matching tattoos on a mother and daughter one day.

And then a few days later I did another mother and daughter set.

I got Buzz Lightyear started on the Disney sleeve.

The horror movie leg sleeve got some color added via a creepy red door.

Another first-timer got a math symbol with some sunflowers. I think it means “change over time”.

I added a third lily to the large side piece. She also wanted me to cover a small tattoo in that area so I added a leaf and will add more leaves to balance it out as well as tie everything together with some wispy stems.

Her son came for his first tattoo. I got a lot started in three hours.

One of the koi fish coverups is nearing completion. I jammed a bunch of white ink over the old black in hopes of lightening it. Next round I’ll put color over the top and hope it looks better and hides the old tattoo well.

I drew a coverup/redo design for a guy who has a crappy tattoo of what was supposed to be a gargoyle. The red colors, flames, horns, and teeth all scream demon, so I opted to cover all those elements, rebuild his head, and change the color scheme towards blue.

I used my tattoo app to practice the color portrait of Squints again, only this time I scrutinized my color choices. I placed an order for the 12 colors I’ll be using just in this tattoo.

I did a touch up on a tattoo of a horse. I had done the original probably 3-4 years ago, and it was badly faded with color missing. She said it was probably from the socks and boots she wears every day while working with horses. Hopefully it stays better this time.

And the inks for the color portrait tattoo showed up yesterday.

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